Vertical heat traitment

Range of machines
Model Use Documentation
AM 3000 Standard Online / Pdf
AM 3500 Standard, heavy piece Online / Pdf
Form for any other vertical heat traitment Pdf

Heat treatment by induction
• Control and reproductibility of the process parameters

• Localised treatment

• Temperature uniformity and accuracy

• Minimisation of deformation

• Treatment of single parts

• Energy savings

• Flexibility of application

• Easy integration into a production line

• Improvement of personnel working conditions

• Protection of the environment

In this technology, Amysa heat treatment installations offer guaranteed performance and process optimisation.

Treated parts

AM 3500 - 100kW
AM 3500
4 X 2 positions
Contraindications points digitized
Decline digitized

AM 3500 - 1000kW
AM 3500
One central position