Plus de 40 ans d'expérience
1960: Amysa-Yverdon SA is founded at 1400 Yverdon - Switzerland.
2005: New name and new address: Amysa Induction SA, 1305 Penthalaz - Switzerland.

More efficiency
Established in a large industrial area, Amysa is focused on the design, manufacturing, test and services of induction heating and heat treating systems.

More flexibility
Amysa works closely with a high capacity local company pool equipped with the best production plants for machining, metal-working, sheet metal working, mechanical sub assembling and electrical cabinet assembling.

More competitiveness
Amysa provides the best turnkey solutions for your specific applications.
Swiss Quality, Reliability and Longevity are the traditional references of Amysa products.
Price and effectiveness are the moreover terms, thanks to the last product improvements and to the new organization of Amysa Induction SA.

More than 600 machines installed on the world
Active in Switzerland, in Europe and oversea, Amysa provides worldwide well-known products and services.